An amalgam of the traditions of the Sarntal valley, knowledge of the medicinal properties of the native flora and the potency of the moon and water. The power of nature. Combined in the natural care products of Trehs®.

Nature for the skin

Here at the MEA VIA Spa you will exclusively find Trehs® natural care products. 100% nature. These unique care products are made directly in South Tyrol from the agents of the mountain pine, grape water, mountain hay and Sarntal valley moon wood. Legend has it that the Sarntal valley was once home to the mysterious healer Theresia - known locally as ""Trehs"". During witches' nights on the “Stoanerne Mandln” she would perform mystical and healing rituals. Today her knowledge lives on in the premium-quality natural care products of Trehs®.

Effective healing powers

The Sarntal valley mountain pine is one of the oldest medicinal plants in the world. It stimulates the circulation, nurtures the skin and alleviates colds. The grape water from vines is considered the "most precious water in the world". Its vital substances protect and moisturise the skin, bestowing upon it a healthy radiance. Moon wood (stone pine) strengthens body and soul, slows the heart rate and fosters restorative sleep. South Tyrolean mountain hay contains up to 80 different grasses, herbs and flowers. It alleviates tiredness and pains, strengthens the immune system and has a wonderful calming effect. You can also enjoy the effect of alpine flower hay from our mountain pasture in our hay bed relaxation room. Pure care for body and soul.

08.12.2023 – 02.04.2024
Alp's winter 7=6

7 nights. 5-course slow food menu. When the white mountain world awakes … dive in and feel free!

08.12.2023 – 02.04.2024
Alp's winter 4=3

4 nights. 5-course slow food menu. When the white mountain world awakes … dive in and feel free!

07.01.2024 – 02.04.2024
Animal special!

4 nights. Be at one with nature and farm animals. Look forward to unforgettable experiences on our farm.

07.01.2024 – 02.04.2024
Discover and chill

7 nights. Real regeneration. Total recuperation. Our spa area provides precious tranquility and the healing power of mountain ...



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39046 Ortisei
Val Gardena, Alto Adige, Italy
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